Twist designs glass artist believes that a great project should be inspired by your lifestyle and what moves you. A place, a memory a mood can inspire your project. It can be highly personal, or act as an architectural detail. For example, custom stained glass windows can be  highly detailed , traditional or very clean and  modern; whatever style suits your taste.  The surface has barely been scratched with what can be done. It is always a pleasure to think outside of the box to come up with the perfect glass or hand painted detail to represent the personality and style in your home or business. Your project could include stained glass door inserts , overlay , sandblasting ( etched)  there are many possibilities

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The window insert above was produced in overlay and kiln formed glass pieces. It was featured on "Home on the Ranch" 4 part series by the Property Brothers.

Treena Primmer, artist, painter, glass artist, Okotoks and Calgary area, custom stained glass, overlay, kiln formed glass, etched glass, watercolor paintings

 Artist / Designer  ​Treena Primmer, Stained glass Calgary, custom sandblasting, overlay etched glass, paintings OOkotoks artist

About Twiststained glass windows, stained glass Calgary, custom sandblasted glass, art glass, overlay glass, Calgary artist, etched glass, kiln formed glass

​​​Treena Primmer

Twist designs glass artist has 17 years of  experience in glass projects and 22 years in painting, drawing and multimedia art including many private commissions

  •  BFA  bachelor of Fine Arts  from ACAD
  • 15 years lead designer at Danziger Designer Glass Studio
  • multi media experience including textiles, set design,  tattooing, collaboration with metal and wood fabricators
  • sandblasting glass including - sometimes called etched glass can include carving as well


Its important to us that the quality of your custom design project  meets and exceeds your expectations as does the quality of the workmanship.  Communication about the design process and explanation of the techniques and the final visual effect is extremely important. We are very careful to ensure that you can visualize the concept proposed to you before the production begins. Because of this attention to detail every project has fantastic results.   Results like stained glass, overlay, sandblasting in Calgary or area or something else not yet defined...        

 Strength Calgary Stained glass, Treena Primmer

Our strength is understanding your design goals,  quickly proving to you that we understand them and converting your vision of a custom art glass or paintings into a reality. Your front entrance or master bathroom or living room can be transformed into the custom space you've always wanted. It may be  stained glass windows or  We are also able to offer you a variety of ways to produce your project to offer you flexibility in the overall style as well as the budget. It may be that the complexity of the design can be altered or a different choice of technique may adjust the project in your favor- it could include, sandblasting (Etched), Overlay , stained glass, kiln formed glass, painted details or combinations of these techniques.