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Welcome to Twist designs gallery, please visit from time to time  to see artistic glass in applications like doors and windows, cabinets, and even contemporary art. We will endeavor to add newly completed projects. 25 years of portfolio will not easily fit on this page but it is available if you wish to see more - please contact us.  Remember if you don't see the piece that speaks to you, it's because we haven't designed it for you yet.

Pantry door insert with custom kiln formed beaded and soldered arrow head. Build in overlay technique

These images are of the same door, the first image is front light, the second is back lighted.

custom art glass, stained glass calgary, leaded glass, kiln formed glass, glass artist, glass art
custom pantry door, art glass, overlay glass, bevels
custom sandblasted and overlay glass, art glass
stained glass, overlay glass, bevels, art deco style glass

Front door, custom glass insert patterned glass , sandblasting

and bevels detail with a tempered sealed unit

stained glass, calgary, custom art glass, pantry door, overlay

These 8 sealed units were added to the open beams on this covered in patio. They include grey, tempered glass, stained glass and sandblasting. Made strong to withstand the elements and also accent a very modern/rustic home. 

This custom glass  railing project was installed into a home near Calgary alberta. It depicts a scene of the view from the home.  It's carved, shaded and lacquered sandblasting on custom laminated glass.  Some people refer to this as etched or frosted glass. stained glass calgary

front entry art glass, patterned glass with kiln formed glass and leaded detail. stained glass calgary, leaded glass, artistic glass, art glass calgary
custom stained glass, sun and moon, fused glass calgary ab

Traditional stained glass , apricot tree

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stained glass overlay, overlay glass, sandblasted glass, lake abraham, mountain scene, stained glass calgary, painted glass
stained glass, art glass sandblasted glass, custom art glass

Owl Family, Acrylic painting  ,approx. 6' x 5'

stained glass calgary, ab, art glass, sandblasted glass, sealed units

This window insert suggests the look of a draped, sheer, curtain but is actually a sandblasted design to offer a similar look with a more modern approach. It was applied to the interior side of an existing window. 

Custom overlay design with hand painted details, applied to glass onsite at Charton's  Hotel , Banff pool area.

custom art glass, painted sandblasted glass, pantry door, barn door

Custom glass inserted into a barn door style pantry door. Pantries are a great way to add artistic character to Kitchens that often have little wall space. This is sandblasted glass with an airbrushed painting

Above: traditional stained glass with custom bevel stars and kiln fused faces for the sun and moon

If you visit YYC customs office you may get a glimpse of these sandblasted hereldic crests installed in the new portion of the Calgary, Alberta airport. 

above: these overlay window inserts depict images of west coast and an Alberta view to match this family's story...........

custom pantry door, art glass, stained glass, overlay, bevels

Front door inserts, custom overlay with

bevels and gold leaf accents. Custom sealed units.

We worked with the door builder and client to ensure all details were as requested

A custom pantry door insert built on tempered glass with the overlay method with glass bevels. This was designed to compliment the detail in the backsplash. 


​Stained glass Calgary area, overlay glass, custom sandblasted glass, art glass, painting

We added a layer of art glass to this front entry, as step 2 we will later replace the sealed unit in the door to match.  This is leaded glass, kiln formed glass, patterned glass and is a custom glass, art glass application. Some refer to all art glass as Stained glass.  This stained glass, Calgary project is one of a kind.

custom sandblasted railing, sandblasted glass, etched glass, art glass, stained glass Calgary, glass artist

This arched window set is placed  in the pool at the Royal Canadian Delta Hotel in Banff. It provides an artistic atmosphere in this Beautiful Grotto pool and adds a layer of privacy for the guests to enhance the enjoyment of their visit.  The image loosely depicts Vermillion lakes near by. This is custom  sandblasted glass with overlay details.

Banff, custom art glass, railing, bears, fish, Calgary stained glass, glass overlay, railing, leaded glass, custom art glass, calgary artist
custom art glass, sandblasted glass, glass signage

These custom French door inserts  were added to a modern, but warm home renovation. They match a set of glass placed through out the home to visually unify the space.

custom art glass, door, sealed unit, sandblasted, beveled glass, sealed unit, calgary stained glass, leaded glass, calgary artist
custom art glass, signage, sandblasted glass

This custom, glass overlay window insert also includes sandblasted glass and painted  glass detail in the sky. It's a bedroom window that offers the owner privacy without a traditional window covering. The image is inspired by Lake Abraham, Alberta.

Custom art, painting, owls, Calgary area artist