Sandblasted art glass ( sometimes called etched glass)  includes surface blasting, shading and carving. It is beautiful on it's own. It can be painted or combined with other techniques.  It can be applied to glass of any color or mirror.

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Can mean a variety of things but can include film, lead, bevels and kiln formed details onto glass or acrylic. It is sometimes called Glass overlay, it has the look of stained glass but can also look far less traditional and is available at a lower price point than traditional leaded glass, stained glass calgary

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 16years of custom glass projects and 22 years of painting projects have  allowed us the pleasure of creating hundreds of projects with a long list of descriptions. After  years of retail service we found that most new clients  prefer to browse the website and facebook page, send an email which leads to  a phone conversation.. the next step is often arranging a site visit to determine the best possible design choices for your custom art glass or painting.

If you are inspired by the images and  ideas of the custom art glass projects or custom paintings you see here, please contact us. Understanding  your personal style will fuel the design and direct the project into a result that you will enjoy for years to come.  Quick digital sketches, provided by our artist, can help you visualize concepts quickly and give you the confidence that your ideas will be translated as well or in an different way that you had not considered or did not know it was an option.

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Watercolor, acrylic, wall murals, airbrushing are all examples of what is offered. Painted details can be combined with any of the glass techniques as well.



This can include copperfoil or lead came joinery in can include painted technique. Bevels and custom bevels are available to. This all falls under stained glass, and leaded glass, stained glass calgary